April 2004


Vol 46 No. 8

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Next Meeting 1

Watt's Happening 2

LEMA Communications Team 2

March Meeting 3

Contest Chatter 5

Contributors To This Issue:

Jerry AA2T, Pauline KB1JXJ, Gordon N1MGO


Next Meeting

Wednesday, April 12, 7:30PM

Central Fire Station, Fitchburg

Jacques Patry WD1I

"Equipment Repairs"

The scheduled speaker for the April MARA meeting is Jacques Patry WD1I, proprietor of Groton Electronics to talk about repairing equipment. Jacques always has some interesting tidbits to throw into his presentations.


Public Service Season Starts

In addition to spring showers, the month of April brings the start of public service season-the time when we as Amateur Radio licensees demonstrate to the public what it is we do that earns us the privilege to all the radio spectrum that the FCC allocates to us.

The River Rat canoe race in Athol (17th), the Lion's Club canoe race in Townsend (17th), the Boston Marathon (19th), and the Groton Road Race (25th) all are in need of your services as volunteers.

Participation in these public service activities is as important an activity to protecting Amateur Radio Spectrum as is monetary donations to a spectrum defense fund. This is where we prove our worth and where we create a good and lasting impression in the minds of our neighbors.

Want support for putting up that tower? Your town officials can only be positively inclined when they know that you volunteer your time for these civic tasks.

So please volunteer; talk with Gary K1YTS, Paul W1SEX, or Ralph KD1SM.


March VE Session

Two candidates were served at the March VE session. One new Technician license and one upgrade to Extra were earned. Volunteer Examiners assisting were John KB1HDO, Charlie KT1I, Gordon N1MGO, Paul KD1YH, Chat WA1FIA, Gary K1YTS, and Ralph KD1SM.

Exam sessions are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month when at least one candidate has preregistered. Contact Paul KD1YH to register for a session. Examiners should contact Ralph KD1SM.


Watt's Happening

Sundays, 0830 local 3937 Western Mass Emergency Net. Alternate frequency is 3942 in case of QRN, QRM, or frequency in-use. Also a good idea to scan up and down 10kHz if you cannot find the net.

Sundays, 0900 local 145.45- Montachusett Emergency Net

Tuesdays, 2030 local 145.37- Templeton Emergency Net

Wednesdays, 2100 local 28.341 Harvard Repeater Club

10 meter sideband net "Activity Night"

Nightly, 2100 local 146.97- Central Mass Traffic Net

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 1800 local 3942 MHz Western Mass Traffic Net (phone)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 1900 local 3562 MHz Western Mass Traffic Net (cw, slow)

First Monday, 1900 local 3943, 7245 RACES Net

First Wednesday, 2000 local 3915 K1ARC Red Cross Net


Sunday, 18 April, Cambridge MA Flea at MIT

Friday, 30 April - Saturday, 1 May Hopkinton, NH HossTraders Hamfest

Sunday, 16 May, Cambridge MA Flea at MIT http://web.mit.edu/w1gsl/Public/ne-fleas lists other New England Area Ham events.


LEMA Communications Team

de Jerry AA2T

28 February 2004

1. Heat is working now. Ceiling times are going in and work details area going on weekly.

There instructions available on how to install the grid and mount things up. Ceiling is holding us up from putting in the sprinklers, lights and vents for heat ducts. Also, the TVs with brackets needed are ready to be mounted.

Volunteers welcome on Tues and Thurs nights. We are on the home stretch. The city wants to hold the April Dept heads meeting at the EOC so we need your help.

2. Web hosting for the city moving as well as URL to leominster-ma.us and there maybe other major domains picked later on. WE will get email accounts for all members as well.

3. Charlie is president of Mass Emergency Management Professionals Assoc. ARES folks have approached him at the state level to add this group as a served agency as well as join the agency.

4. Secretary of public safety announced that Homeland security is getting ready to hand out grants to each community based on threat assessments that were done last year. MEMA also has a new mobile tower trailer and has a communication van coming soon.

5. Heard there was a presidential directive that Incident Command System will be used throughout the government and down through state and local system.

6. Since the steam system blew out, we are looking at another system of heat for the south side of the building. May have to upgrade the gas into the building in order to handle this and the stove for the kitchen. Will need to decommission the steam/oil system.

7. CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Training) training programs for general public will be starting up soon. Charlie and most of the directors are certified trainers. The course is in basic first aid, fire extinguisher use (we bought a burn pan), hazardous materials, triage, household safety etc. Length is 20 hours.


March Meeting

de Pauline KB1JXJ, Secretary

Secretary's Report for Meeting on 3/10/04

7:30 PM Gary called the meeting to order.

In attendance: (15) Gary K1YTS, Paul KD1YH, Gordon N1MGO, Pauline KB1JXJ, Charlie KT1I, Brian KB1KLQ, Bill N1UZ, Bruce KC1US, Bill W1UD, Paul W1SEX, Norm W1LXE, Tom K1JHC, Nancy KB1KEF, Bob KB1JZU, Jerry WB1HIB.

Meeting began with a book raffle brought in by Bill, N1UZ. Gordon N1MGO won the operators Manual, 7th edition.

Informational guest speaker Bruce KC1US. Bruce is a member of Crocker Public Service Group and was requesting operators for:

The May 2, 2004 Project Bread walk for Hunger. Need 6 hour blocks.

June 13 Positive Spin for ALS 100 mile bike race Wayland to Mt. Wachusett, needs operators in the Mt. Wachusett area.

Bruce defined the Crocker Public Service group as a "Radio Club to

help with public service events". See URL


7:40 PM Gary calls on Paul W1SEX, for a Boston Marathon update. If interested go to URL http://www.bba.org for an application and MAIL (NOTE: NOT email) it in to the address given, to get on the list. The Group will leave Gardner at 5:15 AM and stop at Denney's in Leominster for coffee. Participants may join the caravan at either point. Paul, W1SEX, said details would be forthcoming for the newsletter concerning the Mohawk Club's Flea Market in October. Millers River - River Rat Race is in the PM of April 17.

Gary brought to the Club's attention that the Townsend Canoe race is the same day in the AM. Arrangements will be the same as last year, 6 to 10 operators needed. It is possible to do both races if desired.

Gary called for a Field Day update. Pauline, KB1JXJ, passed around samples of the Invitation to Field Day with the organizational meeting listed and samples of the Reminder - follow up flyer to go out the 1st part of May. Invitation flyers to distribute were given to: Gary for the Pepperell and New Ipswitch NH groups; Bruce to the Crocker Public service group and his Burlington Club; Paul, W1SEX, for the Mohawk club; Pauline - for the Harvard Club, at the annual dinner on 3/13/04.

Pauline reported: 1) News article to come and hopes of a News Photographer at the 22 May meeting. 2) Reminder / follow-up flyer with RSVP to Gordon, will go out via Email and mail the first week of May.

Bill, N1UZ is going to write to the State to get the permit for the use of the mountain.

Bob, KB1JZU will bring a projector for the 22 May Field Day meeting.

7:45 PM Business Meeting


Vice President, Paul KD1YH - nothing to report.

Tech Committee, Paul KD1YH - Reported: It has been approximately 2 years since the repeater last serviced. Work was done on the receiver, bringing it back on frequency. Another trip is needed to finish tuning up the duplexers and band-pass cavities. Julian, KB1AAH assisted in the repairs. Tom, K1JHC commented the repeater is significantly improved.

Minutes of last meeting, as published in the news letter, accepted at 08:03 PM.

Are we Incorporated or not? - Appears the question is in limbo at this time. It is not related to our Non-Profit status.

Gary announced Elections in May for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Gary asked for a Field organization update from Bill, W1UD.

Bill reported ARES is going well, has good section managers.

Western MA has no problems, Eastern MA is in turmoil.

Gary asked for a Sunday Net report from Charlie, KT1I. Charlie reports strong participation with 12-13 check-ins most weeks.

08:09 PM Call for old business: None noted.

08:10 PM Call for new business: None noted.

08:10 PM Meeting Adjourned.

Presentation by Gordon , N1MGO, on N1MM Contest logger.

It's free; http://www.n1mm.com

Radio talking to the computer is not needed, but the program shines

with a computer hookup.

DX Cluster hook-up makes the program really shine! (for contests that allow assisted logging)

May meeting for the Club, Gordon, N1MGO, will have a computer and projector for more logging presentation.

April meeting is booked with Jacques presentation on Repairs.

09:10 PM Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pauline KB1JXJ

Interim Secretary


Contest Chatter

de Gordon N1MGO

Contests coming up in April:

12-13, Japan International DX Contest - CW

19, TARA PSK31 Rumble - PSK31

26-27, SP DX RTTY Contest - RTTY

Contests coming up in May:

03-04, New England QSO Party - ALL Modes

10-11 A. Volta RTTY DX Contest - RTTY

17-18 Anatolian WW RTTY Contest - RTTY

24-25, CQ WW WPX Contest - CW

Plus many State QSO parties throughout the month's of April and May.

For more contests and information, with links to the rules see:

Http://home.online.no/~janalme/main.html or


If you have problems with the links or need more information please call me on the 145.45 repeater or send me e-mail at n1mgo@arrl.net .

This month I will start the Field Day setup examples. Please remember that on Saturday, 22 May, we will have a Field Day meeting at the Fitchburg Fire station, time is 09:00 to 12:00. We will be setting up computers and radios to test a networked multistation setup that will be capable of doing all modes on all HF bands. The goal here is to test and allow hands on training and demonstrations of the software that will be used by W1GZ for Field Day this year. We will be using Writelog, version 10.46G, or newer. This will allow full networked operation of all the computers.

The networking of Writelog can be one of the problem areas to get working, especially in a networked environment of different windows versions, Win98, WinME, WinXP, for example.

The computers need to have the same Microsoft Windows Networking WORKGROUP name. How this is setup depends on which version of Windows you are running. In WinXP you can get to the information by right clicking on "My Computer" and selecting "Properties". This will bring up a window titled "System Properties". Select the "Computer Name" tab. Within this tab you will see the Computer description, Full Computer name, and Workgroup. See Picture 1.

Note that the Workgroup in this example is shown as "PRCGAL". This is the name for the workgroup that all computers on the network must use. If you are mixing WinXP or Win2000 computers with Win98 computers, the login names and passwords used must match and be all the same case. See Picture 2 for win98 networking setup. Note that in both setups that the Workgroup name is the same and all UPPERCASE.

If both computers can see each other on the network the next test is to try to get writelog to connect. You should be running the same version of writelog on all computers.


Picture 1, WinXP networking setup.


Picture 2, Win98 Networking setup.

Start writelog, click on the "Setup" menu, "Register to accept network

connections" sub menu. This should bring up the "Accept network

connections" window. See Picture 3. Ensure that the computer name


Picture 3, Accept network connections window.

displayed is not the same as any other computer on the network that will be using Writelog. Enter a letter that will be different for each computer, then click on "OK". Now bring up the connect dialog by clicking on the "Setup" menu, then the "Link to Network" sub menu.

See Picture 4. Enter the name of the computer that you want to connect to, that is running Writelog and click on "OK".


Picture 4, Connect to Writelog network.

After entering the password requested (W1GZ for our Field Day), you will see the "Writelog network status" window. See Picture 5. It may start up minimized.

Note that you should see no errors reported. The number of QSO's reported will vary with how many have been logged. Congratulations! You now have 2 computers running Writelog, with the two writelog programs tracking each others logged contacts. All computers running writelog, that are networked, will have all contacts logged, regardless of which station makes the contact! There are many other advantages to networking Writelog, which are explained on various web sites and in the operators manual.


Picture 5, Writelog Network Status.

Some links for more information:


The Writelog Home page.


The best site for comprehensive beginners information.


The RTTY contest information page.

This should help you get started. I will be demonstrating all of this, and much more, at the Field Day setup on May 22, at the Fitchburg Fire Station, time is 09:00 to 12:00. If you want more information before then, please contact me, at n1mgo@arrl.net, or phone, or on 145.45 voice repeater.

Gordon - N1MGO


The MARA W1/GaZette is published by the Montachusett Amateur Radio Association just prior to the monthly meeting. The newsletter is distributed free to members and friends of Amateur Radio.

Contents copyright (c© 2004, MARA. Permission to use in other Amateur Radio publications with credit to MARA is hereby granted.


Editor: Ralph Swick KD1SM kd1sm@arrl.net

Webmaster: KD1YH kd1yh@qsl.net



Club Secretary: Pauline Carulli, KB1JXJ

Annual Dues: Regular $25

Family $30

Fixed income $15

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday, 7:30pm

September to June

Mailing address: MARA

PO Box 95

Leominster, MA 01453

Web site: http://www.qsl.net/w1gz/


Gary Busler, K1YTS President

Paul Upham, KD1YH Vice President kd1yh@qsl.net

Pauline Carulli, KB1JXJ Secretary

Gordon LaPoint, N1MGO Treasurer

Charlie Cayen, KT1I Trustee

MARA owns and operates the W1GZ repeater providing emergency autopatch service on 145.45 (CTCSS 74.4) in Fitchburg.

Montachusett Amateur Radio Association

PO Box 95 Leominster MA 01453

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