Using the IRLP Link:

Notice!! no tail or beep, this a requirement.

Remember to pause, listen and pause again

To Connect:

o Listen to be sure the frequency is clear

o Key up W1GZ repeater, announce your id and that you are bringing up the link, e.g.;

"KD1YH connecting", then pause

o Enter C, 0, * (i.e., "C+ 0+ star"), un-key and wait for response

o Enter the requested node's four digit code, e.g.; 9122 connects to the New-Eng gateway

o Pause for 10 seconds, then announce your call; e.g.; "KD1YH listening"

To Disconnect:

o Enter D, 1, * (i.e., "D+ 1+ star")

Notice!! no tail or beep, this a requirement



    I have finished the work on the IRLP node and installed ECHOLINK software, so our

node is now a dual node.  You can connect to the ECHOLINK side by using echolink software

or nodes to connect to W1GZ-R (node number 688832). 

   The incoming ECHOLINK server will allow up to 8 simultaneous connections.


   You can also use the repeater to connect out to echolink nodes the same way you would

IRLP nodes.



Send "C0*"    unkey, wait for the announcement

If IRLP node:

        Send the 4 digit node number


     Send # plus the node number


To end the call send "73"  or "D1*"  to bring the link down and return the repeater to



Have fun!